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My Haircut At Yann Beyrie Paris Salon

Got my hair cut at Yann Beyrie and it was quite the experience.Right off the bat, I have never had a hairdresser who donned a suit to wash and cut my hair.

I was warmly greeted by Yann at his salon at Wisma Atria and was offered a tea menu with offerings from Creme Simon. I only knew about the French brand and their skincare line, so was pleasantly surprised that they sold tea as well. There was Skin Tea, Beauty Tea and Purify Tea. I chose the Beauty Tea cause it sounded delicious and well, who doesn’t want more ‘beauty’ in their lives.


If I had to sum up the Yann Beyrie salon with three words, I would describe it as industrial-chic, minimalist and luxe. There was no clutter in sight; messy trollies, mass of cut hair on the floor, and that claustrophobic feel. As the speakers played French R&B, I noticed the strong branding of the brand throughout the salon.

Yann helped me into his salon’s ‘coat’, which was worn unlike other salons – draped across the chest and fastened at the back. Instead it was worn like a wrap-around raincoat and emblazoned on it was the Yann Beyrie brand.

He asked me a series of questions about my lifestyle and maintenance of my hair. I am lazy about my hair so my daily routine is just a shampoo and blow-dry at best and I am good to go.  He made sure that the haircut would suit my lifestyle and preferences; he asked if I favoured having my hair tied back on the daily or otherwise etc. He also advised me on the texture and care for my hair, and we had quite a discussion on how I would like the haircut to be followed by his suggestions according to my face shape.

I told him I was eager to try a fringe and we discussed the length, the movement of it and  my natural hair parting.

After having my hair washed by the founder himself, he proceeded with the cut. I asked him about his experience working with Justin Timberlake and his experience working in the fashion capitals of the world; Paris, London, New York and the good man multi-tasked and answered my questions with narry a frown as he worked his magic on my hair. I also found out that his salon only uses the Italian brand Davines, founded in 1983 and which focuses on sustainable beauty, measuring their emissions and balancing them 100% by planting fruit bearing trees all over the world!

First he snipped my hair when it was wet, then he blew-dry it with his Dyson hair dryer (his salon is fully equipped with Dyson’s dryer), then he refined the look by shaping it further. He made sure that the cut was good at every angle – he turned my chair around and explained in detail what he was going to do to help my thin hair look fuller.

Yann also has his line of home fragrance. He personally picks the scent in all of his 100% natural candles.

IMG_6750.jpgI smelled one and thought the scent was more masculine – I think versatile enough for both a family home and a bachelor’s pad.

As Yann was cutting my hair, two clients of his walked in and patiently waited for him to be done. He greeted them both warmly and I felt how he was still down to earth and humble, and really cherished each of his clients.

All in all, I left the salon with a refreshed look.


I felt younger with my fringe and I am still getting used to it.

Will I go back for a cut? I think if I feel like pampering myself, I would. Otherwise the high price point would deter me quite a bit.


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