Dining Food review

The Butcher’s Wife

Decided to head to The Butcher’s Wife for dinner with my friends one recent evening and I was excited because the establishment is 100% gluten-free. 100%!

We were greeted by a brightly-lit shop front with ‘The Butcher’s Wife’ emblazoned across the door way. Just by the name alone, I thought The Butcher’s Wife sounded like a restaurant that would have a tough and brusque vibe going on. Perhaps in my head the persona of a butcher’s wife would be just like that. Well, it turned out to be quite the exact opposite. It felt like we were entering somebody’s house via their porch with so much greenery going on from the hanging potted plants to the carpeted grass floor at the restaurant entrance. When we were ushered to our seats to the tunes of soothing country music, it felt so homely and quaint. This may seem a little out of whack,  but coupled with their philosophy of going a hundred percent gluten-free and the way the chefs were preparing the food with grit and focus in the open-concept kitchen, I truly felt some loving vibes. Oh, and the cute little bonsai on our dining table tugged on my heart strings too – I have no idea why but I can’t blame the possibility of growing maternal instincts cause it was just a plant. (A cute one nonetheless)

This is a picture of the bonsai, which was as small as candle. You can’t deny how adorable it is, come on.


On to the food, we ordered three starters and a main to be shared among us three.

Green pea hummus with lamb sausage. Nevertheless, the bonsai wasn’t edible but the pea hummus surprisingly was. Says yours truly who once flicked peas across the school canteen with disposable plastic spoons.😔


I was very impressed by the baked focaccia. This is baked focaccia with onions, tomato and thyme. Delicious toppings aside, I think what gave its gluten-free status away was the outer layer – crisp and dense enough to be able to pass off as a thin tart crust. I would go back again just for this.


The last starter of the night was the kale and gorgonzola “Bunuelos”. I am still baffled how the fried batter was not made of gluten because it was as crispy as regular battered fried chicken. Besides the sharpness of the gorgonzola that bothered me slightly at times, I thought this gluten-free dish was pretty amazing.


This was our main course: Grilled octopus with celeriac foam, capers, tuna mayo and seed salsa verde was done perfectly al dente. I thought it was pricey for just these 6 pieces of octopus, with each about 1-1.5” thick.


Will I go back to The Butcher’s Wife? I would for the focaccia and perhaps to try the roast chicken for two.


The Butcher’s Wife




Yong Siak View, 19 Yong Siak Street, 168650


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