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Lunch at Alma by Juan Amador

Here is my review of lunch at Alma by Juan Amador!
I have previously written about the establishment in brief in my introduction of the 5 Most Affordable Dining Deals at Celebrity Chef-owned Restaurants in Singapore.
Little known fact: Alma by Juan Amador was named ‘Alma’ which is Spanish for soul and the that, ‘it makes eating precisely that: a place where not only friends and food come together, but everything it takes to transform your visit into an unforgettable experience’. (Alma by Juan Amador)
I love beautiful platings and have always been intrigued by the delicate arrangement of the different elements, the choice of food items to enhance the presentation of the dish, the color combination, the effort and motivation that goes behind each plating. I have always thought that the dedication to this art was worth the price tag, because after all how long can this dinner table art last before hearty diners consume it in seconds, it gets digested and your art literally turns to cr**?
Moving onward with class and more finesse, Alma by Juan Amador definitely did not disappoint in terms of taste and presentation.
Pictured here is my appetizer: Akami with chipotle, japanese strawberry, polenta, daikon.


My main dish of Chilean Seabass, Mushroom Ragout, Yuzu Butter. To say that the seabass was just delicious would be quite plain an insult. I shared my thoughts on my Instagram then and here is what I said ‘The seabass was the highlight of the meal, as crisp as battered fish without the batter on top (none of it in sight) yet the bottom half of it was as soft as steamed fish. The dish was a little on the salty side, but that wouldn’t have stopped me for asking for more to be honest. On a side note, I never knew a broccoli floret could be this beautiful. #platinggoals ‘


For my dessert, I remembered it was a sorbet of sorts and generously garnished with cake crumbs (?). It was a good palette cleanser because it was light and tart – just right in taking away the slight greasiness of the fish.

Priced at $ 39++ for a  3 Course Lunch Menu, I thought it was a good deal for an establishment that has been awarded one Michelin star both in 2016 and 2017. 

The last time I checked for the latest lunch menu on the website, they had an entire new menu planned out and it had me salivating:


Picture credit: Alma by Juan Amador

Final Verdict: Will I go back for lunch? Yes because I might have left a part of my alma at Alma by Juan Amador. Keep this lunch deal the way it is please Mr Juan and I guarantee you your customers will be coming through the door juan by juan, never stopping.



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