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The Ease of Consumption

A1.PNG(PC: Composition with Moonlight by Lui Ye)

As I was having my evening shower at a later than usual time today, it dawned on me how I have used the rare leisure time I had (from a cancelled tuition class) on the simple consumption of entertainment videos on Youtube.

Videos that I know would evoke laughter from the humor that they offer, as a slice of escapism from the reality of a long working day spent on somebody else’s money-making goal and dream.

It is too easy to slip into the consumption of entertainment, to simply ‘get my mind off things’ to forget about the worries that plague me or to find a source of entertainment that will guarantee a recognizable denominator of ‘happiness’ – a laugh.

I thought back on one of my English professors who taught the module of Romanticism back in NTU, and in the midst of class posed the question of ‘What would you leave behind in this world when you were gone?’. What is that, that you would leave behind as your legacy or at least something worth your existence? Right now, speaking for myself, I am not sure at all. I have hopes that my words would be at least, but as of now at 26 years of age, it is regrettable that I have yet to have something that I can call in the works to becomingย  a legacy nor do I have a plan to do anything worthy of being called one. What I do know is that the consumption of frivolous entertainment will take away time for me to develop myself, and when I am aware of how age is catching up on me. (Don’t get me started on how younger girls are already casting their nets far and wide.)

Do I think that entertainment is inherently bad? That I do not think so because I think entertainment can provide an outlet to release one’s pent-up emotions as well as a healthy dose of escapism which everyone needs to experience at times. However, I think it is bad when it sucks me in this time void where time moves forward and my life passes by while I watch the next season of the next hyped-up show, and where my life has been spent doing just that. Instead of producing something, I am merely a cog in the machine receiving what is fed to me which I enjoy but belittles the available time I have just within the grasp of my finger tips if I don’t click that Youtube button.

I believe that art imitates life and good, positive art would give hope to the despondent that life can be good and fulfilling. I think entertainment can be a bane when it impacts life positively, be it by giving us courage, hope and inspiration. On the other hand, it is a boon when it leaves us feeling angry, envious and well, hateful. Having said that, I too recognize that ‘negative’ emotions may propel one to do work that may be valuable or positive.

I am going to keep up the habit of producing my thoughts out, which I have been reminded of late that it is something that I really enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow is a Friday, and I will welcome the day with open arms.


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