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One Greek Wonder


(15/5/2018 Edit:My backdated post that I realised had been sitting in my drafts) So far 2016 has introduced me to a lot of Greek culture. A culture that I was never quite as in touch ( or as intrigued with) as the Korean culture. The reason could very well just be the geographical distance since Singapore is much nearer to Korea than it is to Greece. But I think the better reason is because of the whole K-pop wave. I have been interested in the Korean culture and the language because of the Hallyu wave which very well swept me off my feet three or more years ago..

For me it’s a little touchy talking about either cultures but well in this post I will be touching  on Greek live cultures, in the good bacteria sense. So, all’s well for the gut and the heart.

This morning, my first meal of the day was the picture above~. It was my first time experimenting with Greek yogurt as a semi-dressing on my salad. I added it as more of an after-thought as I had already poured my typical salad dressing which is a mixture of coconut oil and  lemon juice. Anyway, I found out that when paired together, the tomatoes and yoghurt tasted surprisingly good! In fact, it tasted like tomatoes and cheese. Although this is about to sound strange, I did enjoy pairing the yoghurt with zucchini

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