New Beginnings Opinion

Yay? Nay? Time doesn’t care.


Reading through the previous posts from 2016 has surprisingly encouraged me to write more and well, to have my thoughts down on this eternal digital space where my words will hopefully, still be here long after I am gone.

Hey, there’s my legacy right there.

I have struggled with the idea of penning down my thoughts in a public place for a long, long time. Reasons largely due to my insecurity of ‘Will I ever be a good enough writer/blogger?’ and also due to my worry of the content that I will have to produce. Should I focus on just the blogging of wholesome food that I have made and have been trying to now find time (and discipline) to make? Or should I blog about my random thoughts and be judged for it? Or perhaps to have a category for my poetry? I thought hard about it and I think whatever one chooses to do, be it the choice of clothes, hairstyle, food choices are always judged one way or another.

Ultimately, by recognizing and giving voice to what I like to do and to be authentic about it, is what living a life is about. I shouldn’t cater to what others prefer to read or hear, well at least on this platform where it is solely mine where I am not paid and therefore obligated to produce content for a specific goal.

So, here’s the big step forward to more of my writing because Time waits for no man (or woman) and I have to start on something seeing that I have past my mid-twenties, and am now on the cusps of my late twenties. Also, here’s the courage to quell the voice of fear.

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