New Beginnings

My Attempt to Carry A Kitty Home


I’m 24. Today I attempted to carry a stray kitten home. I believe it hadn’t reached adulthood because it looked as awkward as a human preteen. You know the age when they are still kinda cute but you don’t really know what to do to interest them any longer without being childish and uncool.

Anyway,  it had such cute eyes and it looked so emaciated that the maternal instinct in me raged. It was so adorable. Listen, I tried to walk away. But. It. Followed. Me. And mewed so pitifully..I couldn’t. It showed me its belly. In animal speak, it means I am showing you my vulnerable side because I trust you.  So I decided to put my plans of buying pearly soya milk on hold and proceeded to carry it. Cute kitty did not resist. Was it a sign or what? As I was on the way back (it was a five minute walk), relishing the moment of having a kinda-kitten in my arms and wondering if I was really going to fulfill my childhood dream this time, it struggled a little so I placed it onto the ground. I contemplated leaving it there but still it followed me. So I picked it up and carried it again, this time slightly doubting the realization of my childhood dream. It was still a good one minute walk away till the lift lobby when the soft brown kitty in my arms started to really struggle. At this point, I have no idea why but it felt like I was conducting an abduction. For the second time, I set the kitty free. It looked rather disoriented in its new surroundings and it didn’t follow me despite my pitiful mews. I thought we had a moment and something between us was going to last a cat-lifetime..

It wasn’t meant to be I guess. The story has a happy ending, kind of. I confessed my plans to my mother and she was glad that I didn’t bring it home. I went down with food for the kitty, found it all laid out and relaxed near the spot where I left it and I fed it some tuna which it ate like a starving animal because it was one.


Featured image by Kanaes.

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