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The Name

The grand inspiration behind The Name of the blog. A grand, grand inspiration.

It’s a Sunday so I figured I should write another post…although I might have missed out on another one since the last.

This time, I will introduce the significance behind The Name. Feng Shui masters were neither approached nor harmed.

Why paepaesays?

I wanted to start with because that sounded minimalist and cool AF and that was going to be my clothing label one day. You heard it here first. I am going to copyright it!!  BUT, it was far too short for WordPress to accept it. You break my heart WordPress. Nonetheless, I pressed on and pressing on didn’t help. WordPress did not accept it unless I paid for it as my domain name. Being a true Singaporean, I chose the free option and decided on paepaesays.

Why not peipeisays?

I wanted to have a better form of assonance. Secondly, ‘pae pae’ and ‘says’ look more aesthetically similar than ‘pei’ with an ‘e’ and ‘i’. Then again, looking at it now, peipeisays looks pretty ok too but i figured it looked harder to pronounce, yes?

What on earth does it mean?

Pae. pae. says. I will have a say about something in each post, or perhaps advice or preach, or nag as the repetitive vowel sounds in the name of the blog may hint. I don’t carry my umbrella and open it shamelessly on hot sunny days for no reason you know.

Why the sudden inclination to blog?

In no order of importance:

1. I realized that to be a writer , it is better to have a blog to either showcase what you are capable of or at least as a virtual business card of sorts for exposure.

2. I have been fighting this urge to maintain a public blog for the longest time. Reasons being, I felt insecure about my writing abilities and just basically being judged. Also, the simple fact that what I will write will be what the world will see. I mean given that this blog will be made public and what I write here can be used against me, well, effectively frightens me. However, as my 24th birthday drew closer, I realized that my youth was/is slipping away ever so quickly. So, it was either now or never to write and to make mistakes before it is too late for me to blame it on the folly of youth. T.T

3. I do enjoy writing and I enjoy preparing my lazy meals that people seemed to be interested in. Thus, I figured that it will be good for me to combine these two hobbies even though I still firmly believe that my recipes are so easy they might insult the reader’s intelligence. But, the next point encourages me to do so anyway. Not to insult anybody’s intelligence but to write about what I have made/cooked/baked.

4.I wanted to keep a record of what I have made so that whenever I am in need of inspiration to cook up something, I would be able to dig into an organized archive to access it.

I will post this before the clock strikes 12 so that I have completed a blog post on Sunday~~







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